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For advanced and effective manufacturing innovation.

With Edgecross Basic Software as your platform, you can solve various issues at your manufacturing site, by choosing and combining solutions from an abundance of Data Collectors, Edge Applications, IT Gateways provided by the member companies.

Consolidated management of data from production equipment through different communication protocols.

Absorb the differences in communication protocols of equipment, and organize the production equipment data of the entire factory.
You can easily make centralized data management.


Because of various communication methods, it is time consuming to consolidate the production data.

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A wide variety of old and new equipment exists in the factory. And their communication methods vary too.
It's difficult to know the current situation of production for improvement of productivity, since obtaining operation data requires a large amount of effort.


Visualization of production floor by data collection through any communication protocol.

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The member companies provide Data Collectors to correspond to various communication protocols, including CC-Link IE and EtherNet/IP, which are widely used in manufacturing, in order to get data from various equipment.
Furthermore, Edgecross Basic Software's data model management function abstracts obtained data and manages the equipment in hierarchy models.
Because of above, "Edge Applications" can easily manage data from the production site for visualization of operations.

Improve quality yield rates through real-time defect detection.

Real time defect cause detection system can be realized by combining various edge applications equipped with analytic function and AI.


It is difficult to reduce the number of reworks and scraps. And the cost of unnecessary losses is increasing.

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Unnecessary loss costs of scratches or discoloration on products causing defective products to be reworked or scrapped are increasing.
The behaviors causing defective products in the production processes need to be detected in real time, in order to prevent occurrences as less as possible.


Detect the cause of defect in real time and solve it immediately.

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Edgecross Basic Software's real time data processing function can perform primary processing of repeatedly generated data obtained from the production equipment, for time-series data for analysis.
Edge application can analyze this time-series data in real time, and detect specific behaviors causing the defect.
Then, the Edgecross Basic Software reads the detection result and sends feedback to the production site through the Data collector, allowing you to understand the true cause of defects and inhibit their occurrences.

Accumulate massive amounts of data in the cloud.High-level analysis and predictive maintenance.

Coordinate with an IT system, becoming more sophisticated, and analyze the data from your entire value chain.
You can improve equipment uptime through predictive maintenance.


Equipment data needs to be analyzed through our IT system, but we're having trouble linking them.

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Without noticing indications of equipment failure, we continued to keep it running. Once the equipment failed, production halted for a very long time.
We want to perform predictive maintenance to catch and address indications of equipment failure through data analysis, but it's difficult to use the production equipment's operation data in our IT system.


Improve the equipment uptime through a cutting-edge IT system.

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Through the "IT Gateway", you can easily accumulate the production equipment's operation data in the cloud server.
The vast amount of operation data accumulated from the production equipment is analyzed via an AI analysis service on the cloud, in order to detect indications of equipment failure.
You can improve operation rate.

Various development kits

We support the development of Edge application, data collector, and IT gateway through a variety of tools.
The developed applications can be sold at the "Edgecross Marketplace".

Software Development Kit (SDK)

This is a kit for developing an "Edge application".It consists of various libraries, sample sources, and more, so that Edge application development can be done easily.

Data Collector Development Kit (DDK)

This is a kit for developing a "Data Collector".It consists of various libraries, sample sources, templates, and more, so that Data Collector development can be done easily.

IT Gateway Development Kit (GDK)

This is a kit for developing an "IT Gateway".It consists of various libraries, sample sources, templates, and more, so that IT Gateway development can be done easily.