Our manufacturing site expertise is consolidated into solutions.

In Edgecross solutions, our consortium’s knowledge and expertise of the manufacturing site is consolidated.
By combining our Edgecross Basic Software with “Data Collector”, “Edge Application”, and “IT Gateway”, based on your needs, your desired solution can be realized.

Collecting data from all equipment: Data Collector

By choosing appropriate data collectors based on your production site's network, you can absorb the network differences.
No matter new or old, or vendor of equipment, you can easily collect and use data from various devices, equipment, lines, and cells.

Diagram of data collectors

Providing diverse solutions: Edge Application

We have diverse edge applications for operation monitoring, preventative maintenance, and so on.
By choosing based on your needs, you can find a solution completed within the edge computing layer.

Diagram of edge applications

Coordinating between the production site and IT systems: IT Gateway

The ample IT Gateway handles various types of IT protocol.
You can coordinate data seamlessly between various IT systems, including analytical systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in the cloud or on-premise server, for optimization of the supply chain and the engineering chain.

Diagram of IT Gateways

A rich operating system: Support a wide range of industrial PCs

The Edgecross Platform doesn’t rely on specific hardware, and operates on various industrial PCs.
You can use the industrial PC you are already using.

Diagram of supporting a wide range of industrial PCs

An abundance of functions for utilizing data: Basic Software

Edgecross Basic Software has an abundance of functions to easily utilize data, from data collection to data feedback.
By using various types of software, you can realize various solutions.

●Real time data processing function

Extract repeatedly generated real time data from the production site in appropriate units, to provide them to edge applications.
At the edge application side, it is not required to develop a program for transmissions or processing data.
Furthermore, you can easily send feedback to the production site. For example, you can find equipment failure happening while you are at site.

Diagram of the real time data processing function

●Data model management function

Abstract and manage devices, equipment, lines, and cells in production sites in hierarchy manner.
You can define and organize the production site's structure and situation for easy-to-understand representation.
By doing this, you can easily handle the production site's data by the edge application.
You can centrally manage related documents for each device and equipment (manuals, help information, etc.) by tying them with the model, for increasing the efficiency of maintenance work on-site.

Diagram of the data model management function.