By absorbing differences of equipment and machine models,
on-site data is easily and centrally managed on IT systems.

The Value Provided by Edgecross’s Solutions

Any equipment can
be connected

Data from any equipment and machine can be connected, regardless of vendor or network.
You can easily bring them into IoT.


From the visualization of individual equipment to the optimization of your supply chain, you can expand IoT flexibly by using an abundance of tools.

Coordination of FA and IT is

Achieve IoT standardization, going beyond the boundaries of the production floor, communications, and IT systems.
Coordination of FA and IT is easy.

Scenes for Practical Use

A more advanced and effective manufacturing innovation.

Consolidated management of data from manufacturing equipment with different communication protocols.

Absorb the differences in communication protocols of equipment,
and organize the production equipment data of the entire factory.
Central management is simply realized.

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Improve quality yield rates through real-time defect detection.

Put together edge applications of an analytic function and AI installed, can realize detections of defect causes in real time.

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Accumulate massive amounts of data in the cloud.
High-level analysis and predictive maintenance.

Coordination with a sophisticated IT system to analyze the data from entire value chain.
You can improve operation rate through predictive maintenance.

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