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Edgecross is an open edge computing software platform,
which is built by Edgecross Consortium members going beyond the bounds of companies and industries,
and enables FA and IT cooperation.

  • Edgecross overview
  • Edgecross function details

Edgecross overview

Real time data processing and feedback

Data analysis and diagnosis at the production system side realize real-time feedback.

Data model management

The vast amount of data in the production site is hierarchized and abstracted to be managed, which makes the data utilization by applications more simple.

Utilizing a variety of applications in the edge layer

IT applications can be easily applied to FA purposes.
Users can select edge applications according to the purposes from a large selection.
The complete system construction is available in the edge computing area.

Collecting data from any machine on the production site

Data can be collected from each equipment and device regardless of vendor or network.

Seamless coordination between FA and IT systems

Seamless data coordination with IT systems, including the cloud, helps optimization of the supply chain and engineering chain.

Operating on industrial PCs

Edgecross operates on industrial PCs from various manufacturers.

Edgecross function details

Development of edge applications that perform real-time data diagnosis

  1. Since required data is distributed via real-time data processing, developing programs for specifying the timing of using data and for collecting data on edge applications is not necessary.
  2. Distributed data is extracted in units appropriate for analysis, removing the need for modifying data on edge applications.
  3. Edgecross gives feedback regarding the diagnosis to the production site, providing a system that performs real-time data diagnosis and gives feedback just by implementing processing specialized in data diagnosis.

Easy development of edge applications that perform offline analysis

  1. A variety of data collected from the production site can be accumulated in chronological order.
  2. Since Edgecross collects and accesses stored data, developing edge applications that perform data offline analysis and enabling data visualization and other processes are possible.

All types of equipment, device, and line data utilization at the production site

  1. Data collectors, which enable connections with equipment, devices, and lines via various networks, make adaptation possible on a system with multiple types of network.
  2. Data collectors absorb the differences between networks so that the application can use data from all equipment, devices, and lines at the production site without considering the network.
  3. A common interface exchanges data, making development possible without depending on the application type or usage.

Software platform that does not depend on specific vendors or hardware

  1. Edgecross and applications operate without depending on specific vendors (hardware).

Expansion of Edgecross functionality by using plug-ins

  1. The various processes that are executed by real-time data processing are enabled via plug-ins so that Edgecross functionality is expandable.

Coordination between IT systems and Edgecross

  1. Since protocols are highly compatible with IT systems, Edgecross can easily coordinate with the systems that operate in the cloud or on-premise servers.