Introducing frequently asked questions at the Edgecross Consortium.

Q&A about Edgecross Consortium

Q1. Are members only for FA / IT vendors?

The policy is to go beyond the boundaries between companies and industries, and it also applies to users, SIers, academic institutions, and standardization organizations.

Q2. How do we register for member?

Please contact the secretariat (info@edgecross.org).

Please confirm the Edgecross Consortium Member Agreement in advance.

Q3. Please tell us the classification and rights of members.

Please refer to the following.

Membership classification

Q4. Where is the contact for inquiries?

Please contact the secretariat (info@edgecross.org).

Q5. Can basic software be purchased only through the marketplace?
A5. Some industrial PC vendors pre-install or bundle the basic software, so you can purchase the basic software by purchasing the industrial PC.
Q6. Can we ship the basic software overseas?
A6. The parameter sheet is prepared and it can be shipped overseas. Please contact the Secretariat (info@edgecross.org) for the parameter sheet.
Q7. Can we buy from overseas via the marketplace?
A7. Currently, only domestic transactions are available from the viewpoint of export control.
Q8. Our competitors are participating, so can we isolate from them?
A8. We are dividing the area of edge computing into cooperation and competition.
Edgecross coordinates FA and IT, and is the foundation on which people, machines and systems cooperate.
In addition, edge applications will be connected to any kind of machinery and equipment through competition among companies to develop better products and expand them widely.

Questions and answers about Edgecross (technology)

Q1. What is Edgecross?

It is a software platform in the edge computing area from Japan that cooperates with FA and IT, and is built by consortium members together, beyond the boundaries of companies and industries.

Introduction of Edgecross

Q2. Is it a software platform?
A2. It is a software platform.
Q3. Is the Edgecross specification available?

It can be obtained by registering as a member. Please refer to the following for enrollment.

Join US

Q4. Is the H / W that operates Edgecross a dedicated product?
A4. It works on various industrial PCs of each company.
Q5. What is the data collection capacity (collection cycle) of the data collector?
A5. It depends on Windows limitations, IPC specifications and data collector performance.
Q6. What is the recommended specification of PC that runs Edgecross basic software?
A6. Recommended specifications are presented as a consortium.
Please make sure of our leaflet
Q7. What is the license form of the basic software?
A7. 1 A license can be used for one device or one partition (includingvirtual environment) per license.

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