Use Cases

Various companies are already working on manufacturing innovation with Edgecross solutions.
The open IoT that doesn’t rely on a specific vendor has resulted in a variety of results, including increased productivity and shorter lead times.

iREX2022 photo

FA Robot Data with EDGECROSS

【Use Case No.012】

For robot vendors, application vendors, and SI members company, we held a demonstration exhibit using actual robots to promote IoT/DX in the manufacturing industry with data utilization solutions for FA robot systems through Edgecross. The demo exhibit featured "connects various robots" and "various applications usable", the video introduced an overview of how to make the cooperation between FA and IT more easily.

NEC-PC photo

NEC Personal Computers, Ltd.
The Challenge of Smart Manufacturing Using Edgecross

【Use Case No.011】

Using Edgecross with a common interface enables users to easily collect data from the unpacking robot system and link it to the NEC Industrial IoT Platform. This makes it possible to visualize unpacking workload, operating time and cycle time, etc..

GUTP photo

National University Corporation The University of Tokyo
Link various electric power equipment data to the "Electric Power Visualization System" using Edgecross

【Use Case No.010】

The University of Tokyo has achieved a 30% reduction in power consumption by installing an IEEE1888-compliant "power visualization system" that connects its five campuses. As a means of extending connection of Kashiwa II Campus to this system, Edgecross with wide variety of interfaces to facilities and equipment is adopted to achieve data linkage in a short period of time and at low cost.

energy photo

Achieve energy management solutions by ecosystems

【Use Case No.009】

Efficient energy management, such as unit-of-energy management, is required in energy conservation and energy management, which is one of the challenges of the SDGs. Here's an example of a factory application for efficient energy management with a partner member's product line.

iifes photo

IIFES(Innovative Industry Fair for ExE Solutions)2019Exhibition Demonstration

【Use Case No.008】

Reproduce the manufacturing site using Edgecross in a miniature factory. By collecting data from each process and linking with cloud and applications of member vendors, we have realized data analysis and visualization.

Itomen Co., Ltd. photo

Itomen Co., Ltd.
"Evolving data utilization to improve noodle making quality"

【Use Case No.007】

Data collection is easily realized by utilizing the data collector in noodle making process. In order to achieve even higher quality and stable production, we are making use of the cloud to improve productivity and take on the challenge of making high quality noodles.

Lotte Co., Ltd. photo

Lotte Co., Ltd.
"An ever-evolving producing method for realizing "the same taste"

【Use Case No.006】

A wide variety of edge applications from Edgecross improves the quality and operating rate of the popular product "Yukimi Daifuku" and stabilizes the productivity.

OMRON Corporation, Kusatsu Plant photo

OMRON Corporation, Kusatsu Plant
"Improving productivity with Edgecross compatible i-Belt Viewer"

【Use Case No.005】

They can now visualize the number of finished assembly products, the transportation status, and the number of products waiting for inspection, contributing a significant reduction in lead time in controller production.


"Precise cost control in the precision machining industry"

【Use Case No.003】

In machining process, actual operation data of machines tools of different vendors are collected through corresponding data collectors. In conjunction with the existing production management system, a flexible ANDON system has been implemented.

JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair) 2018 Exhibition Demonstration photo

JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair) 2018 Exhibition Demonstration

【Use Case No.002】

Edgecross Data Collector absorbed the differences in communication protocols of 50 machines tools from 18 vendors in the exhibition hall and collected the operation status data in a PC.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Nagoya Works photo

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Nagoya Works
"Reducing loss costs using Real Time Data Analyzer"

【Use Case No.001】

In their servo motor manufacturing factory, they use an Edgecross compatible software, "Real Time Data Analyzer", for preventive maintenance before the number of defects increases.