Organization and Activities


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Organization Activities
General Assembly The appointment and dismissal of directors and auditors, changing the articles of incorporation, making the decision to dissolve, etc.
Auditor Auditing the consortium's assets, the director's management of business, etc.
Representative Director Decisions on business management, formulating regulations, selecting and dismissing members for the Board of Governors, etc.
Corporate Advisor Support for promotional activities including lectures and more, giving advice to the consortium, etc.
Board of Governors Approving Edgecross specifications, approving the consortium's management plans and policies, selecting and dismissing the corporate advisor and working group leaders, establishing and dissolving working groups, creating and changing rules and regulations, etc.
Technical Working Group Deciding on Edgecross specifications, deciding on certification test specifications, etc.
Marketing Working Group Planning, drafting, and managing all types of promotion (exhibitions, seminars, and other advertisements)
Secretarial office Consortium administration, Marketplace administration, certification test administration, etc.

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